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How wonderful..!

I don’t know if you’re an animal and wildlife lover, but I’ve just seen a wonderful sight. Whilst sitting in our touring caravan in Mid Wales, minding my own business, letting my mind wander, I happened to look up and out of the front window, to see a red kite soaring above the campsite, using the thermals no doubt to help with its aerial acrobatics.

Red kites have suffered with very low numbers over the years, with many including farmers, I believe, not being happy with their presence. From the limited bit of information I’m aware of, there has been a drive to re-introduce red kites back into certain areas, Mid Wales being one of those areas.

It is so just magical to see these majestic birds soaring in the sky and showing off their acrobatic skills…dancing in the sky almost. I really do enjoy sitting watching them. Today though has sparked my curiosity, as it seemed that this one lonesome adult red kite had smaller birds following its path. It appeared to me, the un-educated person in the street, that it was an adult bird with three young, following mamma & learning the skills from her. However, as the birds were so high in the sky, I couldn’t see if this really was the case…I’m wondering is it too early in the year to have young birds taking to flight; was it smaller different species of bird just playing tag with the larger predator…unlikely me thinks.

So, in light of this currently unanswerable question that I’ve posed myself, I’m going to do some research and find out more of this awesome bird…as I regularly seen them in the skies whilst hubby and I are at our caravan.

So, hopefully peeps I’ll have some more insights and information to share with you soon about these beautiful birds. So check back in with us and take a little read of the information I’ll be sharing with you soon.

In the meantime I’ve shared some generic photos of red kite with you. Hopefully soon I’ll have some photos of my own that I’ll be able to share with you as well.

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